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Dutch startup optimizes Edison battery for industrial hydrogen manufacturing

Battolyser Programs has improved the efficiency of its Edison battery for industrial hydrogen manufacturing. The Dutch startup said the levelized tag of hydrogen (LCOH) could perchance well perchance also very smartly be prick to €1.50 ($1.58) per kilogram by 2025. It has partnered with the European Investment Financial institution to serve its growth, with ambitious plans to hit 1 GW of manufacturing ability by 2026.

Battolyser Programs has developed an vitality system to store and present electrical energy as a battery and accomplish hydrogen by means of electrolysis. It is an optimization of the nickel-iron battery patented by Thomas Edison on the turn of the 20th century. 

The company, which no longer too prolonged ago started manufacturing of its patented twin battery-electrolysis system in the Rotterdam plight, at uncover produces programs up to about a megawatts. It aims to compose 50 MW programs in its manufacturing facility by 2024, and 200 MW by 2025. 

“The technology is in step with nickel-iron electrodes. They are mixed with alkaline electrolysis technologies which will seemingly be commercially on hand as of late, with a confirmed video display document of 20 to 30 years lifetime,” said Geert Wassens, fundraising affiliate at Battolyser Programs. “Integration of these technologies remarkably improves efficiency, lowers tag and increases uptime.”

The electrodes are in a conductive electrolyte circulated by means of the cells. In the main electrochemical reaction, the electrodes are charged and store electrons, performing as a battery. When one retains charging (overcharge), hydrogen and oxygen are shaped in a subsequent reaction. Gaseous hydrogen is produced on the detrimental electrode (cathode) and oxygen on the sure electrode (anode).

The company said the system could perchance well perchance hit a lower LCOH of around €1.50/kg in the most appropriate areas by 2025. 

“In the most favorable geographies, the Battolyser is prepared to present ~€2/kg by 2025. A necessary cloak to this analysis is that it would no longer but consist of the sure economic impacts of discharging electrical energy from the Battolyser to the grid, it most efficient considers revenue from producing hydrogen,” Wassens told pv journal. “Subsequently, the profit in LCOH of Battolyser over competing decisions will seemingly be even better. Including this price, the LCOH is with regards to €1.50/kg.”

Battolyser Programs said the battery operate can monetize each day energy imbalances, while the hydrogen can monetize seasonal energy imbalances and present feedstock to industries that can’t be electrified. It said it could well most likely reach up to 85% system efficiency and up to 90% at stack stage.

Battolyser Programs has signed a deal to compose a second manufacturing facility in the Rotterdam plight. In 2026, the manufacturing facility, co-owned by the Rotterdam port authority, will seemingly be commissioned to add 1 GW of manufacturing ability.

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Battolyser Programs and the European Investment Financial institution (EIB) own also signed a €40 million financing settlement in Rotterdam for the length of World Hydrogen Week.

“The financing will enable the company to scale its manufacturing facility in Rotterdam against mass manufacturing of its mixed electrical energy storage and electrolyzer stack system,” said Battolyser Programs.

The company will allocate a portion of the funds to do the fresh manufacturing facility. It is on the overall gearing up for one other investment spherical, scheduled to begin inside of 18 months.

“We are targeting customers in Europa and own industrial conversations with projects in MEA and the US,” said Wassens.

The first two factories will seemingly be in the Rotterdam plight, nevertheless the company glance the United States as “the next step,” he added.

The company said it would no longer exercise any critical raw presents, resorting most efficient to nickel and iron, in step with the fresh normative and political developments on the European stage, at the side of the RED II and the Serious Raw Materials Act. 

“We own got a range of hydrogen projects in the pipeline that we’re taking a peep to verify in the near future, despite the incontrovertible truth that perchance no longer basically light this one year,” an EIB spokesperson told pv journal

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