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UNFOLD Company inks strategic Partnership with IQ Protocol to carry Web3 Technique to Great Brands

Tallinn, Estonia, 28th November 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, UNFOLD, a digital company with a music legend of serving top-tier customers on the cutting back edge of digital engagement, has made a strategic funding in Estonia-primarily based completely completely IQ Protocol, a pioneer of the Web3 sharing economy.


This abnormal partnership heralds a unique expertise of fan engagement, mixing innovation, expertise, and personalization to remodel the panorama of digital asset ownership and procure entry to.

“From inception, UNFOLD has embraced innovative expertise and a culture of constant substitute,” stated Brick Rucker, the company’s co-CEO. “It’s taken enormous self-discipline all over our organisations to domesticate this mindset and thrive in these demanding cases, however we contend the extra dramatic the shift, the upper.”

With a portfolio that’s weighted in leisure, gaming and branded products, UNFOLD is expected to voice worthwhile campaigns for customers and force innovation to succeed in and have interaction unique audiences thru analog, digital and social media. Web3 is the unique frontier. UNFOLD customers embody Netflix, Warner Bros, SEGA, Universal, Amazon, Activision, Ubisoft and Mattel.

“We’ve continually been bullish on the long bustle economies that web3 tokenization can offer,” co-CEO Daniel Weisinger explained. “Nevertheless it will include a miniature little bit of a stigma—there has been too grand noise within the location and now not adequate signal. IQ Protocol is the company that we mediate will silence your entire noise.”

Since its inception, UNFOLD has been an early adopter of emerging applied sciences, consistently adapting to the dynamic digital environment. Known for successfully handing over worldwide digital campaigns, UNFOLD goes a step further, riding innovation to join with audiences all over media, social platforms, and now the Web3 location. With a spotlight on leisure, gaming, and branding, UNFOLD’s customers ask innovative approaches to captivate and have interaction their audiences.

Web3 tokenization and NFTs symbolize the long bustle of digital economies, however the sector has been marred by noise and confusion. In response, UNFOLD has strategically partnered with IQ Protocol to address these challenges and redefine the location for the revenue of producers and consumers.

IQ Protocol is spearheading the Web3 sharing economy with explore-to-explore NFT condominium expertise that revolutionizes digital asset ownership and accessibility. Whether you is inclined to be a crypto native or a newcomer to the blockchain world, IQ Protocol empowers you to unlock Web3 gaming objects, procure entry to abnormal staunch-world occasions, and plenty extra and plenty extra.

In a mere three months since its originate, IQ Protocol has made a noteworthy impression, surpassing 20,000 asset rentals and producing over $60,000 in exercise.

This groundbreaking partnership goals to empower producers to private interplay with their followers on a worldwide scale, covering diverse domains such as gaming, memberships, ticketing, and previous. By onboarding users and increasing lasting viewers engagement, UNFOLD and IQ Protocol objective to supply highly personalized verbalize material and experiences.

Tom Tirman, CEO at IQ Protocol, commented, “A core thesis of IQ Protocol is that digital resources will revolutionize person engagement and stamp loyalty all over all industries. UNFOLD is the splendid accomplice to work on realizing that vision. Loads of credit score goes to them for being effectively earlier than the curve and recognizing this likelihood.”

IQ Protocol and UNFOLD mediate that the standard adoption of the IQ platform will set off a foundational shift in digital asset person habits and engagement strategy, such as the transformative effects that Airbnb and Uber had on staunch property and transportation.

This partnership represents the long bustle of fan engagement, and collectively, IQ Protocol and UNFOLD are poised to reshape the digital engagement panorama for producers and audiences alike.

About IQ Protocol: 

IQ Protocol is a platform built for the Web3 sharing economy. Their p2p NFT condominium expertise enables users to unlock the plump utility of scarce digital resources at a a part of the shopping designate and without expertise friction, completely redefining on-chain ownership and procure entry to.

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About UNFOLD Company: 

UNFOLD is any other leader in digital advertising and marketing and marketing for leisure and gaming customers globally. It boasts a grand client roster starting from Netflix, Warner Bros Discovery / Max, Disney / Disney+, Paramount / Paramount+, Amazon / Prime Video, Universal, Hulu, FX, Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Bungie, and Mattel.    

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