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The Venetian Resort Las Vegas Continues Reinvestment Technique

Sala 118 | The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nevada—Over a year in the past, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas launched into a billion-dollar reinvestment approach that will affect the customer journey. The most fresh renovation is the transformation of the customer arrival journey to The Venetian Resort. Upon arrival, mates will enter Sala 118, a bar and lounge; a Starbucks; and an expanded concierge and bags desk.

Patrick Nichols, president and CEO of The Venetian Resort Las Vegas. “These additions alongside the Enormous Colonnade gain The Venetian lobby more than an iconic photo assign, but a destination to be experienced one day of our mates’ discontinue.”

The huge majority of the lobby transformation is Sala 118, which has architectural focuses esteem arches and vaulted ceilings paying homage to historical cathedrals. The menu, created by Andrew Pollard, director of mixology at The Venetian Resort, has cocktails presented in three chapters: aperitivo; negroni; and classic cocktails.

“I am obsessed on Italian culture and spirits so it’s thrilling to craft a brand current form of bar for Las Vegas,” acknowledged Pollard. “We would like our mates to feel esteem they’re in Italy with the suitable temper, gorgeous structure, flavorful drinks, and shiny carrier.”

As well to to Sala 118, the lobby journey has a brand current Concierge desk, which provides mates with personalized suggestions. Starbucks sits alongside Sala 118. The coffeehouse provides mates a space to absorb the Enormous Colonnade.

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