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Texas-Based totally True Property Investment Neighborhood Acquires Two Astronomical Multifamily Resources in San Marcos, Texas

DJE Texas Management Neighborhood has closed on the aquire of The Avalon and The Verandah Flats and may well well possess to aloof deploy $3.6M+ in price-add renovations to beef up the lives of residents and the group.

SAN ANTONIO, October 19, 2023 (

DJE Texas Management Neighborhood (DJE), a vertically integrated proper property investment and management firm basically based totally in San Antonio, Texas, has announced the acquisition of The Avalon and The Verandah Flats, two contiguous multifamily properties totaling 292 units in San Marcos, Texas.  

DJE’s in-condominium property management crew will put collectively the resources and salvage a price-add advertising strategy that involves property renovations, operational improvements and rebranding the properties as “The 1856 Flats,” as a nod to a a must possess year in the formation of Texas Affirm College. 

The organization has invested in over 5,200 residence units since 2012, and adding the 2 properties marks the company’s 19th and Twentieth multifamily acquisitions (respectively). The acquisition represents a famous milestone for DJE as it continues to beef up its presence in current proper property investment markets in Central Texas. 

Devin Elder, Founder and CEO of DJE Texas Management Neighborhood, is focused on this project as he works diligently with his onsite crew as the project will get underway.   

Elder states, “We’re extremely joyful to amplify our footprint into the thriving San Marcos proper property market by adding these two properties to our portfolio. These acquisitions signify a strategic transfer for our company, allowing us to reinvigorate the resources and provide distinctive residing experiences to residents whereas continuing to provide beautiful investment alternatives to our companions.

For interviews and additional knowledge, please contact DJE Texas Management Neighborhood at (210) 510-1275 or

About Devin Elder and DJE Texas Management Neighborhood

Devin Elder is the Founder & CEO of DJE Texas Management Neighborhood, a vertically integrated multifamily investment company basically based totally in San Antonio, Texas. Since 2012, the company has completed hundreds of successful investment initiatives, collectively with many chunky-cycle multifamily investments, and Devin has been a Predominant in over 5,200 doorways of multifamily. Devin is moreover a Helicopter Pilot, a Podcast host, and the proprietor of a True Property consulting company, a brokerage, and the DJE Basis, a 501(c)(3) non-profit supporting deprived formative years in Texas and the Philippines.

Source: DJE Texas Management Neighborhood

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