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Senate Democrats Target Jared Kushner and His Shady Agency

Jared Kushner’s Saudi Arabia–funded investment firm is finally being seriously examined. Senate Democrats bear launched an investigation into Kushner’s firm, Affinity Companions, wanting for files about the firm’s investments—after it bought $2 billion of its $2.5 billion in investments from Saudi Arabia.

Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden is leading the investigation, noting the peculiarities of nepobaby Kushner’s involvement in industry dealings he has subsequent to no expertise doing. In a letter Wednesday asking Kushner’s firm to reply to queries about its investors, Wyden wrote:

Mr. Kushner’s tiny track file as an investor, alongside side his nonexistent expertise in non-public equity or hedge funds, elevate questions relating to the investment technique within the support of the seeding investments and profitable compensation that Affinity bought from the Saudi PIF and other sovereign wealth funds.

Virginia Canter, broken-down Treasury Department chief ethics counsel, informed Salon that Kushner’s shady industry dealings with Saudi Arabia, so rapidly after he and his companion’s father left the White Dwelling, elevate serious national security considerations. “It’s one in all the most egregious scenarios I’ve ever viewed in decades of working within the federal authorities as an ethics legitimate,” she said. “It looks to be a payoff as mighty as a attainable investment.”

Kushner’s firm launched in 2021 and straight away bought a majority of its funds from Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, with a whopping Ninety 9 percent coming from foreign sources. Kushner defended the flood of cash by stating that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s fund also invests in Nintendo, Uber, and Microsoft—which is more of an insult to these companies than it’s a ways a vouch for Kushner.

“The Saudi PIF’s resolution to make investments $2 billion in Affinity so rapidly after Kushner’s departure from the Trump White Dwelling raises considerations that the investment used to be a reward for legitimate actions Kushner took to abet the Saudi authorities, alongside side battling accountability for the Saudi authorities ordering the brutal raze of journalist and American citizen Jamal Khashoggi,” Wyden wrote.

In 2018, MBS oversaw the brutal assassination of Washington Put up journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Trump’s White Dwelling paid no mind to the raze, in its build releasing a gorgeous statement expressing strengthen for Saudi Arabia and sowing doubt that MBS ordered Khashoggi’s raze, despite a CIA diagnosis discovering that used to be absolutely the case. Trump himself has unique ties to MBS, which for the duration of his presidency raised considerations of foreign influence.

This isn’t the indispensable time Congress has sought answers about Kushner’s firm. In 2023, the stench of corruption used to be so execrable, Congress subpoenaed the firm over its ties to Saudi Arabia, with even Republican James Comer asserting Kushner’s Saudi blood money “crossed the road of ethics.”

Unfortunately more on Trump world:

Dwelling Speaker Mike Johnson has an inclination to mediate that after issues lumber unfriendly for his celebration, it’s the fabricated from substandard legislative mismanagement, judicial weaponization, and a huge govt conspiracy. But when his celebration desires to lift out one thing, it’s because justice is swift and every thing is proceeding in accordance to thought. Dwelling Republicans’ efforts to defend Attorney Frequent Merrick Garland in contempt are no exception to this construction.

The GOP quest to defend Garland in contempt of Congress for refusing to reply to a subpoena used to be now no longer dampened by any sense of irony, even supposing the Judiciary Committee is chaired by Representative Jim Jordan. Jordan famously refused to agree to requests from the Dwelling committee investigating the January 6 riot, alongside Representatives Scott Perry, Kevin McCarthy, Andy Biggs, and Mo Brooks.

At some level of a press conference Wednesday, a reporter asked Johnson if he used to agonize the lumber of rogue Republicans would undermine his argument for maintaining Garland in contempt. It looks, he doesn’t mediate the 2 cases are alike at all.

“Oh, I’m so delighted you introduced up the January 6 committee. We’ll be talking a ways more about that within the arriving weeks. There’s been a bunch of investigation about that committee, I don’t mediate it used to be wisely constituted, I don’t mediate it used to be wisely administered, and now we know that it sounds as if, a pair of of the proof used to be hidden, and a few per chance even destroyed,” he said.

“You discuss apples to oranges, there couldn’t be a more sure dissimilarity between that and what we’re talking about here,” Johnson persevered. “Here is the Judiciary Committee. Here is the weaponization committee.” He went on to laud Jordan’s management and “unparalleled” work.

REPORTER: You talked about the importance of Garland complying with a subpoena. I’m unique since Chairman Jordan and 4 other colleagues declined below the J6 committee, if you danger that undermines the argument.

MIKE JOHNSON: You discuss apples to oranges …

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) June 12, 2024

With this statement, Johnson makes it sure there are completely different guidelines for Republicans in Congress, special exceptions that discontinuance them from going thru the implications of their actions. Folks who spoil the foundations to defend Donald Trump are doing so bravely, while these who spoil the foundations to defend Joe Biden are topic to the most serious condemnation.

Johnson did now no longer interpret on how he could so casually name the GOP-led committee the “weaponization” committee, a conspiracy theory buzzword Republicans bear adopted to discredit the federal authorities.

Johnson’s common sense, or lack thereof, mirrors his untethered reframing of the responsible verdicts of Trump and Hunter Biden. One is proof of a “two-tiered” justice system; the opposite, which could disprove it, is a “separate instance” now no longer noteworthy of consideration in Johnson’s ongoing weaponization case discover about.

The Dwelling Judiciary and Oversight and Accountability Committees had demanded the audio from Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur, who described the president as a “well that plan, elderly man with a unlucky reminiscence,” be turned into over by the spoil of April. Their are attempting to gather the audio used to be blocked by the White Dwelling, which invoked govt privilege. The pass summoned the ire of Dwelling Republicans, who turned into living on maintaining Garland in contempt.

Senator J.D. Vance doesn’t cherish fluctuate, equity, and inclusion principles, and he’s sponsoring a invoice to ban them from all federal offices and contracting.

On Wednesday, Vance and Representative Michael Cloud introduced the Dismantle DEI Act, which bans all DEI positions within the authorities and likewise bans fluctuate initiatives from receiving federal grant money. The invoice would bar college accreditation agencies from requiring DEI in colleges, and discontinuance financial agencies cherish Nasdaq and the Recent York Inventory Alternate from enforcing fluctuate requirements for company boards.

“It has no pronounce in our federal authorities or wherever else in our society,” Vance said. “I’m proud to introduce this laws, which could root out DEI from our federal paperwork by striking off such applications and stripping funding for DEI policies wherever it exists. American citizens’ tax greenbacks should always now no longer be co-opted to spread this radical and divisive ideology—this invoice can be definite they’re now no longer.”

The invoice takes purpose at an govt describe President Biden issued in 2021 selling DEI within the federal workforce, and would tremendously decrease funding to numerous authorities agencies, alongside side NASA, the National Institutes of Correctly being, and even the militia.

The invoice is now no longer going to place traction past the Republican-controlled Dwelling, if it will even rep past the narrow GOP majority. Attacking DEI is cherish catnip for the lawful wing, and conservative media has been fanning the flames on the supposedly “woke” principles, even going to this level as responsible pure failures on DEI.

The invoice is now no longer going to pass the Senate, and in its build it looks more probably that it’s fascinated with show, maybe to lend a hand Vance pass up on Donald Trump’s short checklist to be his working mate. Vance repeatedly professes his loyalty to the convicted felon and Republican presidential nominee, even asserting that if he used to be in Mike Pence’s pronounce as vp in 2021, he would bear subverted the 2020 election results to lend a hand Trump be reelected. This invoice is known as a stressful preview of what Republicans thought to lift out if Trump wins in November, because the broken-down president has already promised to steal on what conservatives mediate is the “true” prejudice in The US: anti-white racism.

The man Clarence Thomas said he as soon as judicious as cherish a “son” now says that Thomas doesn’t desire mighty to lift out with him.

Label Martin, the grandson of Thomas’s sister Emma Mae Martin, spoke to Business Insider from a penal advanced cell in South Carolina and said that the Supreme Court docket justice and his wife, Ginni, don’t bear a relationship with him anymore, despite being his suitable guardians from age 6 to 19.

Martin, who is wanting forward to trial on drug and weapons charges after he used to be arrested final summer season, benefited from gifts Thomas bought from conservative billionaire Harlan Crow, which the Supreme Court docket justice originally failed to consist of in financial disclosures.

“I haven’t no doubt heard mighty from them in a truly prolonged time,” Martin said of his adoptive other folk. “I attempted to talk with them a pair of times, but I’ve by no plan gotten any response.”

In 2007, Thomas said in an interview with C-Span that he and his wife had been raising Martin, then 16, “as a son.” Martin would again militia prep college Randolph-Macon Academy and Hidden Lake Academy, a residential therapeutic treatment center plagued by allegations of abuse, as a outcome of Crow, a Randolph-Macon alumnus, paying the tuition at each and every colleges. Thomas did now no longer file these funds on his financial statements.

“I explain they looked into Randolph-Macon Academy because Harlan Crow no doubt graduated from there, so I explain that used to be within the support of their resolution to send me there—after which it sounds as if he helped finance the HLA outing, too,” Martin informed Business Insider, asserting that he didn’t know on the time that Crow paid for his education.

ProPublica reported final year that Thomas had loved luxury vacations on Crow’s dime almost yearly, and Thomas failed to file these journeys except right final week. To boot as, the publication reported on Crow funding the renovation of the dwelling the build Thomas’s mother restful lives to boot as Martin’s non-public college tuition, estimating that the college fees probably exceeded $150,000.

Martin informed Business Insider that he loved a privileged childhood, touring to bigger than 20 nations and spending summers wakeboarding or waterskiing. He also remembers babysitting Crow’s son when their households went on vacation collectively. But Martin said that after he started high college, Clarence and Ginni Thomas “right didn’t bear time to accommodate” him anymore and despatched him away to boarding colleges. After his freshman year of high college started, Martin said he infrequently seen his massive-uncle and big-aunt.

In response to Martin, he used to be expelled from Randolph-Macon Academy after his junior year for failing a drug check, and he said the Thomases then despatched him support to his mother’s home in Georgia. He said he has infrequently heard from them since. Closing year, Martin used to be arrested and charged with drug trafficking and weapons possession. In response to Business Insider, Martin’s automobile used to be stopped as portion of a juvenile-sex-trafficking investigation, but he doesn’t face any charges connected to that.

Martin also faces charges pending from 2021 on allegedly trafficking meth and heroin, Business Insider reported, citing arrest records. Martin faces on the very least 25 years in detention center over the drug charges and five more years for illegal gun possession.

“I no doubt don’t know within the occasion that they know that I’m locked up—I’m now no longer definite they’d care too mighty,” Martin said. “I’ve viewed—I’ve maybe viewed them two times, maybe three times, over the final 14 years.”

“I right wish they’d on the very least notify with me—rep to know my teenagers,” Martin added. “They raised me cherish one more dad and mom, so I needed my teenagers to know who raised me into the actual particular person that I turned into. I desire them to be around for that, on the very least—to gape my young other folk develop up.”

Thomas didn’t reply to Business Insider’s interrogate for comment, but it’s now no longer going that he would bear equipped any acceptable justification for his and his wife’s treatment of someone they’ve usually known as a son. Thomas restful refuses to discuss the unethical gifts he has bought and adamantly refuses to resign from the Supreme Court docket despite all of his ethics scandals. Sadly, it looks Martin’s lifestyles has been a casualty of Clarence and Ginni Thomas’s provider to the conservative circulation.

Extra on corruption on the splendid courtroom:

Royce White, a Republican-backed candidate for Senate in Minnesota posted a plan on X, previously Twitter, claiming it showed the total crime around Minneapolis within the hope that the mass of green, red, and yellow dots would display camouflage the current lawlessness that had befallen the Midwestern city.

“Refund the Police!” he entreated voters. 

But as Christopher Ingraham, a reporter for the Minnesota Reformer, rapidly identified, the image White had chosen used to be no doubt of drinking fountains at public parks throughout the metropolitan home. The as soon as menacing colors represented the fountains’ statuses: “closed for repairs,” “off,” “on.”


“Sorry, Royce. You tweeted my plan of Minneapolis drinking fountains. There’s no escaping this,” wrote one particular person, who persevered to mock White by posting one more “crime” plan that no doubt showed which McDonalds within the dwelling had broken McFlurry machines

“Take the L man. That you would possibly additionally be going nowhere. It’s right advice,” wrote one more particular person. 

White wittily responded, “Shut your mouth you blue wave cuck.”

White has since changed the image within the post with a completely different unlabeled plan, but the common remains to be viewed within the edit historical past. The unusual plan does no doubt show the reports of shots fired in Minneapolis—which could additionally be presently down almost 17 percent from this time final year, and bear lowered over 36 percent from three years within the past.

It’s unclear how a plan from the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board could’ve ended up with White below such perplexed cases, but it goes to explain the breathlessness with which Republicans push the memoir that the U.S. has a violent crime recount, and that Democrats are responsible, when true statistics indicate that the opposite is ideal. 

Violent crime within the US has dropped by higher than 15 percent since the starting of the year, in accordance to the FBI’s quarterly crime file, which used to be launched on Monday. The spend of files aloof from 13,719 laws enforcement agencies throughout the country, the federal bureau used to be ready to determine that national raze charges bear dropped by 26.4 percent, persevering with from final year’s decline, and rape has also lowered by 25.7 percent. Reported crimes a lot like theft, aggravated assault, and property crime bear also viewed decreases of upper than 12 percent. 

Minneapolis’s crime statistics are a little more stagnant overall, in accordance to the city’s crime dashboard. To this point in 2024, there had been 29 nonnegligent homicides, up three from this time final year. But that number remains to be decrease than the build it used to be three years within the past. The choice of larceny and theft reports are also up this year, but restful decrease than the build they had been three years within the past.

None of these statistics no doubt topic to Republicans cherish White even though, who are alive to to spark reactionary votes in November. They would possibly stand to lift out a little more be taught, within the occasion that they would possibly additionally fair endure to face actuality for even a 2nd. 

Closing week, a nonprofit filed a complaint in opposition to the broken-down skilled basketball participant turned into wannabe MAGA flesh presser, alleging that he’d illegally spent tens of hundreds of bucks raised as portion of his failed 2022 congressional marketing and marketing and marketing campaign on luxury dinners, vacations, and visits to strip golf equipment. He used to be endorsed by the Minnesota Republican Celebration final month.  

What Republicans no doubt mediate about crime:

Alex Jones has lost every thing for touting inane conspiracies, but he clearly hasn’t realized any lessons.

The a ways-lawful personality filed for chapter in 2022 after being ordered to pay higher than $1 billion in damages to the households of teenagers killed for the duration of the Sandy Hook most most important college massacre for claiming the tragedy by no plan took place. Jones filed final week to liquidate all of his resources so as that he can finally open paying down his debt. This implies selling off his media empire, InfoWars, and its parent firm, Free Speech Programs—which will quilt right portion of what he owes.

But Jones is come what could—in opposition to all odds—restful now no longer done with broadcasting dreadful rhetoric to his followers.

At some level of a wild monologue Tuesday, Jones advocated for the trial and imprisonment of Donald Trump’s supposed enemies: an uncommon mish-mash, alongside side “prison gang leaders, the enormous heads of the central banks, Pfizer head, [and former NIAID Director Anthony] Fauci.”

He then explored whether the leaders of the country’s pandemic response had willingly killed millions of alternative folk with a vaccine that, in accordance to Jones, had been invented years earlier than the Covid-19 outbreak. If that had been the case, then it could maybe maybe be the “lawful part to lift out that they be done,” Jones said.

If it came to that, Jones said that he’d be lawful there to “pull the lever.”

“If the juries judge to hold them, I’m now no longer a wimp. I will volunteer. I mediate it desires to be public. I will pull the lever,” he fantasized. “If they’re convicted by a jury of treason, I would individually on national TV be there and pull the switch to interrupt their necks on the spoil of a rope.”

Trump’s marketing and marketing and marketing campaign, within the period in-between, has now no longer ruled out the attainable of revenge if he had been to accumulate in November.

Chatting with Fox Information’s Jesse Watters final month, Trump marketing and marketing and marketing campaign press secretary Karoline Leavitt warned that folk will “absolutely … be held accountable for the crimes which had been committed over the final numerous years”—that is, the entire these who bear tried to prosecute Trump and provides the broken-down president the identical suitable treatment as they would any other non-public citizen.

“We’ve viewed them lie, we’ve viewed them abuse our justice system, we’ve viewed Joe Biden purpose harmless American citizens during this country such because the protesters on January 6,” Leavitt said on the time.

Fading firebrand Lauren Boebert made the unlucky resolution to stay her neck out and touch upon Hunter Biden’s responsible verdict on Tuesday, posting on X (previously Twitter), “How prolonged except pricey veteran dad will get engaging and fixes this all up for him?”

Users had been hastily to display camouflage Boebert’s maintain little one’s felonious activities: Boebert’s 18-year-veteran son, Tyler, is going thru multiple prison charges for a string of automobile spoil-ins and property theft in Colorado. The Colorado Bureau of Investigations alleges the youthful Boebert broke into autos and stole other folk’s driver’s licenses and passports.

Senator Lindsey Graham looks to be all that stands within the plan of placing some ethical parameters on Supreme Court docket gifts.

The South Carolina Republican informed NBC Information Tuesday that he plans to object to a Judiciary Committee proposal to rein within the high courtroom. That could successfully abolish any likelihood of the measure passing in committee, as a outcome of a interrogate earlier this week requiring unanimous consent.

The courtroom, which has prolonged refrained from the styles of formal ethics regulations imposed on decrease courts, as a outcome of its special constitutional region, utilized its first ethics code in November following a wave of high-profile scandals connected to lavish gifts current by Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito. However the self-imposed behavioral code used to be roundly criticized as outmoded, the usage of unfastened language warning justices to “steer sure of impropriety” while failing to give an explanation for actually any form of ultimate outcome for violations.

“Underneath what cases would a Supreme Court docket justice be accepting quite loads of of hundreds of bucks or millions of bucks in foreign shuttle or paid tuition for household or a recreational automobile?” Representative Jamie Raskin asked, on MSNBC Tuesday. “It’s right uncommon for us to peruse.”

“That’s a jailable offense for fogeys over here,” Raskin said, motioning for the duration of the Capitol. “It’s right the normal industry as traditional on the Supreme Court docket, that they’re collecting millions of bucks and quite loads of hundreds of bucks from their so-called chums.”

“We desire a $50 reward ban for U.S. Supreme Court docket justices. They invent $300,000 a year. Pay on your maintain lunch, and pay on your maintain vacation,” he added.

But even Democrats had been now no longer optimistic that it would pass.

“I mediate I know the final outcome, but we’re going to strive in opposition to thru the explain to be definite each and every parties are on the file,” Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin informed reporters Tuesday.

But imposing an ethical mandate on the nation’s best judiciary could now no longer be completely off the desk should always the proposal fail to pass committee. Senate Majority Chief Chuck Schumer has said that he’s pondering bringing it up for a vote below the normal job—even though doing so can be fascinating. The Supreme Court docket Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency Act desires 60 votes to interrupt a filibuster on the Senate ground, but there are easiest 51 Democrats within the upper chamber, and no Republican has voiced their strengthen for the invoice.

Ethically dubious expenses by two of the courtroom’s conservative justices had been first revealed final year in a series of investigations by ProPublica, which found that Thomas had been pocketing favors from GOP megadonor Harlan Crow in a name of how, alongside side non-public college tuition for his nephew, the renovation of the dwelling the build his mother restful lives, and undisclosed journeys on the billionaire’s yacht and non-public jet, and at his non-public resort. The outlet unveiled a identical scandal with Alito, who failed to file a luxury fishing vacation to Alaska with hedge fund billionaire ​​Paul Singer in 2008.

Read more about the Supreme Court docket:

Steve Bannon’s final-ditch effort to steer sure of going to detention center is eliciting more punch lines than sympathy.

The engineer within the support of the MAGA circulation used to be convicted of contempt of Congress and originally sentenced in October final year. But he has evaded his detention center sentence by stressful to gape thru an appeals job, which finally came crashing down final month.

Undeterred, the broken-down White Dwelling strategist and staunch Trump ally filed an emergency interrogate with the D.C. Circuit Court docket of Appeals on Monday, begging it to spare him from undertaking his prolonged-awaited four-month detention center sentence, which is decided to open July 1.

Bannon build on a bold face, making threats Tuesday in opposition to the final two FBI directors, Andrew McCabe and James Comey, should always one more Trump presidential time period attain to pass. “Find your passport, rep the hell abroad because hey, we’re coming,” he said. “We can hunt you down.”

But within the support of closed doorways, he looks to be shaking in his boots. “This right in from the actual person promising to hunt us all down,” wrote particular person Bradley P. Moss on X, linking to Bannon’s latest submitting.

“On digicam: ‘Bring it—they’ll lock me up but they’ll by no plan shut [me] up!’ In Court docket filings: ‘Please, oh please don’t invent me lumber to penal advanced,’” wrote X particular person Mike Stivala.

“I’m now no longer definite who desires to hear this, but Steve Bannon is going to detention center,” wrote political consultant Rick Wilson in a post on X. “Perhaps he’ll bear time to write a manifesto about His Fight.”

The reference to Mein Kampf is in particular right, seeing as Bannon as soon as said that Donald Trump reminded him of Hitler, a comparability he no doubt thought used to be complimentary. Bannon labored to assemble a MAGA celebration that “could rule for a hundred years.”

Now Bannon plans to steal his charm to the Supreme Court docket, in accordance to the unusual submitting. Appropriate luck to him: Broken-down director of the White Dwelling National Trade Council Peter Navarro, who used to be also convicted of contempt of Congress and imprisoned, tried a identical gambit, which Chief Justice John Roberts pushed apart without even referring it to the elephantine courtroom.

Weeks after he used to be convicted of 34 prison counts in his hush-money trial, Donald Trump confessed to having a gun—which can be illegal alongside with his prison conviction.

Recent York Metropolis Department of Probation officials wondered the convicted felon and Republican presidential nominee Tuesday in a presentencing interview, and portion of the discussion concerned a gun registered to him within the pronounce. Underneath federal laws, convicted felons are now no longer allowed to bear weapons or ammunition.

A city legitimate informed CNN that Trump talked a pair of gun of his in Florida, maybe one in all the three firearms listed on his Recent York Metropolis concealed weapons allow.

Trump turned into over two of his three licensed weapons to the Recent York Police Department on March 31, 2023, earlier than he used to be arrested for paying hush money to grownup film actress Stormy Daniels. The third gun used to be supposed to be “lawfully moved to Florida.” Palm Sea toddle police informed CNN that they weren’t responsive to any gun Trump owned and that he hadn’t submitted one to them since his prison conviction.

After his 2023 hush-money arrest, the The massive apple District Attorney’s Map of enterprise suspended Trump’s gun license, and alongside with his conviction, his license will probably be revoked, city police informed CNN. A Recent York legitimate said the guidelines on the third gun “will probably be referred to native authorities in Florida to steal no topic steps are indispensable.”

It’s ironic that Trump will probably be in anguish for illegally having a gun weeks after his conviction on the identical time that President Biden’s son, Hunter, used to be convicted on federal gun charges. But Trump doesn’t cherish to give the authorities what he believes is his property, even when the laws says in any other case. Appropriate gape on the labeled documents he tried to hoard at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. He’ll be storing his gun now no longer too a ways away.

Unfortunately more on Trump:

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