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Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev Works Out for a Balanced Life

VLAD TENEV, CEO and president of Robinhood, the commission-free trading platform, is in the firm’s basement gym in Menlo Park, California, firing off jabs and uppercuts at Adam Azevedo, his coach.

“It’s cathartic,” Tenev says, grinning, after several infected rounds, brushing a sweaty fringe of dim hair off his face. “Coaching improves my mood. Lowers my stress. The true fact that there could be a routine makes me feel love I’m extra in encourage watch over of myself and my environment.” Given the volatility of the stock market, it’s easy to search why he craves encourage watch over. Work is “nonstop strategizing, building and making an try out unique merchandise whereas moreover suppose-solving,” he says of Robinhood, with its $7.6 billion valuation and greater than 23 million customers. In the gym, where Tenev, 36, trains with Azevedo three days a week, he brings the identical intense point of interest to his exercises.

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“I’ve consistently been aggressive,” he says. “As a kid, I indispensable to fetch the finest grades and be the finest at soccer, basketball, and baseball. My family moved from Bulgaria to Delaware after I used to be 5, and so that they labored if truth be told laborious to build. My other folks would consistently list me, ‘Our future on this nation is unsure.’ As an immigrant, I felt love I needed to work ten instances more durable than every person else.”

That was his mindset in 2017, when he started doing a energy-building program on his maintain. “It felt love a game, specializing in heavy squats and deadlifts and staring at my numbers tear up,” he recalls. Then: game over. His doctor educated him the excruciating distress shooting down his factual leg was attributable to a herniated L5-S1 disc in his decrease encourage. His first baby was about to be born, and Tenev made up our minds in opposition to surgical treatment. “I had heard too many terror tales of encourage surgical procedures long previous rotten,” he says. For the first six months, merely getting out of a chair triggered pulsating agony. Two years after the injury, he accomplished bodily treatment and was at final distress-free. He hasn’t had an ache since. “Knock on wood,” he says. However the episode taught him there’s a distinction between working laborious and working smartly-organized. “I didn’t exercise time getting the circulation factual, so when the weights bought larger and the stakes were greater, even diminutive errors could possibly function off an loyal arena.” Regaining his smartly being was a activity.

“First, we needed to make certain Vlad’s encourage and core were robust and his hips were cell,” says Azevedo. All over 2020, the 2 trained on-line and eased into energy work with dumbbells.“That was if truth be told appropriate for me,” says Tenev, with a humility no longer in general linked with fintech CEOs. “I realized the factual comprise and began feeling extra delighted, so by the point I used to be going after barbells again, I felt extra educated.”

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At the current time, after ripping via several sets of handstand pushups, weighted pullups, and bench presses, he steps loyal into a entice bar loaded with 300 pounds. As he bends his knees, adjusts his six-foot-one frame to the factual arrangement, sets his grip on the handles, then exhales and powers upward for six reps, you’d by no methodology suspect the particular person had suffered a indispensable encourage injury.

There’s an analogy in all of this, pointless to claim—the push to fetch larger and extra grand, the calamitous setback, the slower, considerate rebuilding—to Tenev’s bound with Robinhood. The firm had a promising initiate in 2015, but then in 2021 Robinhood grew to change into the epicenter of the GameStop fiasco, which dinged its recognition and impressed the movie Tiresome Money. (Sebastian Stan performs Tenev.) Now that the firm is in a restoration segment—it has begun offering retirement accounts, and a bank card is on the horizon—Tenev is leaning into the philosophical takeaways from his laborious-received smartly being success.


Ryan Younger

He says running a firm could possibly moreover be tense, but sticking with a coaching routine and figuring out no topic what happens has had psychological advantages. “I extinct to be very intention oriented,” he says. “Now I deem committing to a routine, showing up, giving 100%, in smartly being and at work, is extra grand. I’m much less in reaching a intention than in being above moderate in crucial areas—flexibility, energy, balance, coordination. I prefer to function myself up for the very lengthy time duration. That goes for change as smartly.”

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Ginny Graves is a smartly being and psychology creator from California.

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