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NEL leads the potential

Overall stock market project the day long previous by resulted from trading in 13 securities of which four superior, four declined and five traded company.

Trading project resulted within the next movements of the TTSE Indices:

The All T&T Index superior by 2.01 parts (0.11%) to discontinuance at 1,799.39.

The Composite Index superior by 1.04 parts (0.09%) to discontinuance at 1,205.38.

The Sinful-listed Index remained at seventy nine.74.

The SME Index remained at 72.62.

Trading project on the First-Tier Market registered a quantity of 214,435 shares crossing the bottom of the Commerce valued at $1,289,710.10. Nationwide Enterprises Ltd was as soon as the quantity chief with 176,055 shares changing fingers for a imprint of $730,628.25.

The Mutual Fund Market did now not record any project.

The 2d Tier Market did now not record any project.

CinemaOne Ltd was as soon as the correct active security on the SME Market, posting a quantity of 192,579 shares valued at $1,386,568.80.

The USD Equity Market did now not record any project.

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