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Lustrous New Research Ranks United States Simply about Ineffective Final in Opponents for Global Travelers


  • Ensuing from gradual recovery and declining U.S. world tear market portion, U.S. Trot Association commissioned Euromonitor International to assess the competitiveness of the U.S. relative to diversified high worldwide locations for world tear.
  • The U.S. ranked 17th out of 18 worldwide locations analyzed, stemming from decades of underinvestment and a lack of focal point and coordination from the federal govt.
  • Inefficiencies within the U.S. tear machine threaten the financial system. One example: The U.S. dangers losing 39 million guests and $150 billion in spending over the next 10 years as a consequence of excessive customer visa wait times (Tourism Economics).
  • U.S. Trot launched a Commission on Seamless and Fetch Trot, comprised of venerable govt officers and private-sector executives, to assemble a imaginative and prescient and policy roadmap to modernize the tear abilities and amplify U.S. competitiveness.

U.S. Trot Association currently launched a be taught about that chanced on the United States ranks 17th out of 18 high tear markets when it comes to world competitiveness, based on Euromonitor International. An extended time of underinvestment and a lack of focal point and coordination from federal policymakers resulted in the U.S. to fall slow, whereas diversified worldwide locations actively apply considerable ideas to amplify tear and develop economic output.

U.S. officers cannot ignore the daring, decisive steps diversified nations are taking to come and modernize their tear economies. The US will devour to accumulated aspire to willing the ground correct into a fresh know-how of seamless and stable tear and capitalize on the many alternatives to develop this excessive sector. U.S. Trot Association President and CEO Geoff Freeman

— Source: U.S. Trot Association

U.S. Trot commissioned the be taught about to larger realize the gradual recovery of worldwide inbound tear to the U.S. and the device in which the country can extra effectively compete for world vacationers within the arrival decade.

While the U.S. is accumulated the most desired destination for world vacationers, it slid to third in entire visitation (slow Spain and France). In 2023, it is estimated that the US welcomed almost 67 million worldwide guests—down from seventy nine million guests in 2019 and finest 84% recovered from pre-pandemic ranges, which is a ways slow diversified competitors’ recovery rates.

U.S. world market portion for long-haul tear declined from 5.4% in 2019 to 5.3% in 2023.

— Source: U.S. Trot Association
— Source: U.S. Trot Association


The be taught about assessed 18 high worldwide locations for world tear (in conjunction with the US) across four weighted classes: 1) Nationwide Leadership, 2) Worth & Product, 3) Identification, Security & Facilitation and 4) Trot & Connectivity. The U.S. critically underperformed within the classes of Nationwide Leadership and Identification, Security & Facilitation.

— Source: U.S. Trot Association

Nationwide Leadership

The U.S. ranked final when it comes to govt management on tear-linked problems and the energy of its nationwide tear strategy. Most high markets devour a minister of tourism; the U.S. has an Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Trot and Tourism location, but the operate has no longer yet been filled or fully funded by Congress. The U.S. has few announce federal insurance policies and cramped funding to amplify inbound visitation.

Other worldwide locations love Canada devour considerable nationwide ideas to raise tear spending, toughen customer experiences and highlight lesser-identified destinations via key partnerships.

The U.S. scored highly within the tear promotion category thanks in phase to the effectiveness of Worth USA and considerable emergency funding provided by Congress in 2022.

Worth & Product

The U.S. is a highly desired destination, with various products and a daring ticket identity amongst worldwide vacationers. The World Financial Discussion board Safety and Security Pillar—which considers diversified components such because the incidence of violence and crime—was once extinct to irascible the safety category, inserting the U.S. in the direction of the bottom.

Identification, Security & Facilitation

Outrageous customer visa interview wait times, which device an reasonable of 400 days in high supply markets, placed the U.S. final in this excessive category. The U.S. furthermore ranks unfavorably when it comes to the likelihood of nations it permits for visa-free tear, granting the privilege to finest 42 nations—a ways slow the U.K., which enables 102 worldwide locations visa-free tear.

The U.S. ranked within the midst of the pack on biometric security screening capabilities, with finest 36% of U.S. worldwide airports employing each biometric entry and exit systems. The know-how is severely underutilized when put next to diversified nations, even supposing a majority of People are jubilant with biometric screening if it ends up in a extra efficient air tear abilities.

Lengthy Customs wait times upon arrival into the US, blended with an out of date home airport security screening course of for many vacationers, further resulted in wretched rankings for security and facilitation. Meanwhile, there are definite examples of diversified worldwide locations evolving their security screening processes—love leveraging know-how to comprehend away liquid bans on flights—to be extra efficient and globally aggressive.

Trot & Connectivity

The U.S. ranks at the tip of the arena air connectivity network, serving as a predominant world hub for inform and connecting flights.


There’s excessive economic likelihood in failing to address inadequacies across the U.S. tear machine. In accordance to an diagnosis by Tourism Economics:

  • When a fresh day-to-day worldwide flight (Boeing 787-10) cannot be accommodated as a consequence of Customs and Border Protection staffing shortages, the U.S. financial system loses up to $227 million per year.
  • The inefficient aviation security screening course of can also deter American vacationers from as many as three million home trips this year, ensuing in spending losses of $7.4 billion.
  • The U.S. dangers losing 39 million guests and $150 billion in spending over the next 10 years as a consequence of excessive customer visa wait times.

On the opposite hand, there are alternatives to facilitate growth.

  • In 2024, the U.S. can also carry out 2.4 million extra guests if the market were unconstrained by visa wait times.
  • Increasing the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) is furthermore a predominant instrument in boosting competitiveness.
    • The 5 worldwide locations added to this arrangement from 2008 to 2014 experienced a 52% carry out in visitation to the U.S. over the first three years.
    • Visits to the U.S. from South Korea increased by 60% by its third year within the VWP and visits from Slovakia surged 70% over the first three years in this arrangement.


In conjunction with the fresh Euromonitor diagnosis, U.S. Trot currently launched a solutions-oriented Seamless and Fetch Trot Commission, chaired by venerable Acting Secretary of the U.S. Division of Fatherland Security Kevin McAleenan.

The commission—comprised of venerable govt officers and private sector experts—is tasked with rising a imaginative and prescient and making policy suggestions to modernize the tear abilities, amplify U.S. competitiveness and facilitate growth. The commission plans to start its policy suggestions in autumn 2024.

Confirmed commission people (as of January 11):

  • Kevin McAleenan, Aged Acting Secretary of Fatherland Security; Aged Commissioner & Deputy Commissioner, U.S. Customs & Border Protection
  • Shawn Kinder, Global Corporate Vogue and Strategy Director, Ferrovial Airports
  • Stewart Baker, Aged Popular Counsel, Nationwide Security Company; Aged Assistant Secretary for Policy, U.S. Division of Fatherland Security
  • John Pistole, Aged Administrator, Transportation Security Administration
  • Lucy Chadwick, Aged Director Popular, International, Security & Environment Neighborhood, U.K. Division for Transport
  • Patty Cogswell, Aged Deputy Administrator, Transportation Security Administration
  • John Sanders, Aged Acting Commissioner & Chief Working Officer, U.S. Customs & Border Protection; Aged Assistant Administrator, Chief Know-how Officer, Transportation Security Administration
  • Martha Bárcena Coqui, Aged Mexican Ambassador to the US
  • Michael Huerta, Aged Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Seth Stodder, Aged Assistant Secretary for Borders, Immigration & Alternate Policy, U.S. Division of Fatherland Security
  • John Holland Kaye, Aged CEO of Heathrow Airport

The U.S. can no longer sit out of the recede to modernize tear, mentioned Freeman. On the unusual time’s peril is decades within the making. It is time the U.S. govt collectively gets excessive about setting up a metrics-based realizing to reveal our space because the tip destination on this planet, which is in a spot to pay dividends for a protracted time to come.

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