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Golden Investment Opportunity For Golden Heaven (GDHG) ?

United States, Oct 31, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Golden Heaven Community Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ:GDHG) is a Cayman Islands-based company that operates amusement parks, water parks, and connected companies and products in China. Established in 2020, it went public on NASDAQ in April 2023. The company operates six amusement parks in the midst of China and plans to amplify its operations considerably, changing into a regional chief in the sphere.

Their head space of job is in Nanping, a city identified as the “birthplace of the Chinese language amusement park exchange,” and collectively the company has 426,560 sq. meters of operational land. GDHG’s portfolio of attractions are strategically located in southern China, accessible to spherical 21 million of us. To boot to to amusement parks, GDHG has complementary offerings including restaurants and food stalls, which also positively make contributions in opposition to income.

Following their IPO in April, the put shares had been priced at $4, we receive witnessed a 254% surge in the portion designate – this would perhaps possibly also be viewed in Figure 1. This suggests rising investor ardour, seemingly driven by GDHG’s development doable, exchange positioning, and expansion plans, no subject the challenges posed by the market stipulations.

Figure 1: GDHG portion designate since IPO – Created at TradingView


The Relative Energy Index (RSI) is a technical indicator that affords insights into the momentum and doable overbought or oversold stipulations of a financial asset. RSI values above 70 on the total counsel overbought stipulations, indicating a imaginable designate correction or reversal to the downside, whereas values beneath 30 expose oversold stipulations, suggesting a doable procuring opportunity or a designate rebound. As we will have the chance to receive a study from the beneath, GDHG for the time being has an RSI price beneath 70, whereas the shifting life like sits above 70 suggesting overbought stipulations. On the opposite hand, that is by no plot conclusive. Investors must also dispute the company’s certain momentum and valuation metrics.

Figure 2: Relative Energy Index – Created at TradingView

The Animated Practical Convergence Divergence (MACD) is a favored technical indicator old to assess the strength, route, and doable reversals in the price trends of financial belongings. It achieves this by comparing short-term and long-term shifting averages, with the MACD line representing the adaptation between these shifting averages and the signal line showing the smoothed model of the MACD line. Crosses between these traces can signal buy and sell opportunities, whereas the MACD histogram helps title changes in momentum, offering helpful insights for traders and traders. At the moment we will have the chance to learn about that the MACD line and the smoothed model of the MACD line receive staunch crossed. On the opposite hand, momentum is yet to flip fully.

Figure 3: Animated Practical Convergence Divergence – Created at TradingView

Bollinger Bands are a technical indicator that affords insights into the volatility and doable designate ranges of a financial asset. They consist of three traces: a heart band, which is on the total a straightforward shifting life like, and two outer bands that are derived from fashioned deviations. The width of the bands expands and contracts in response to cost volatility. When costs plot or touch the outer bands, it suggests overbought or oversold stipulations, seemingly signalling a reversal or correction. As we will have the chance to receive a study, the orange line, representing the shifting life like, for the time being sits in the guts of the vary, inferring, given the certain momentum, that there would be extra to the rally.

Figure 4: Bollinger Bands – Created at TradingView

Excessive Threat, Excessive Reward

None of the three of those metrics counsel the amusement park proprietor’s bull speed will plan to an close, but it make certain momentum is slowing. That is partly supported by valuation metrics, though it be by no plot conclusive. GDHG for the time being trades at 23.1 cases trailing twelve-month (TTM) earnings, representing a 52% premium to the particular person discretionary sector. On the opposite hand, in comparison with world peers, it would no longer seem excessively costly – for instance, US wide Six Flags Entertainment Corporation trades at 21.5 cases TTM earnings. On the opposite hand, it be price highlighting that Cedar Dazzling is less costly, trading at staunch 7.4 cases TTM earnings. 

This premium can even be attributed to GDHG’s excellent earnings per portion development and the certain sentiment surrounding the sphere’s development in China. Within the first half of of 2023, the company’s revenues exceeded RMB 140 million, marking a 6% amplify from the identical duration in 2022. Contaminated profit for H1 2023 also improved, reaching RMB 101 million, a 7.5% amplify from H1 2022, with a defective margin of 71.37%, up 1.02 percentage factors from the outdated 365 days. Procure income saw a indispensable 12% 365 days-on-365 days amplify, and earnings per portion surged impressively by 135.1%, reaching RMB 1.05 in H1 2023 in comparison with RMB 0.Forty five in H1 2022.

The amusement park market shall be forecast to develop considerably, with a compound annual development price (CAGR) of 15% between 2022-2027. The predicted development shall be fueled by several factors, equivalent to the rising disposable income of Chinese language buyers, the ongoing urbanization of the nation, bringing extra prospects within vary of the parks, and the rising pattern of family tourism.

In conclusion, GDHG appears to be like a high distress, high reward investment. Inventory waft suggests high volatility, but the portion designate rally is enhance by persevered certain momentum, and no warning indicators from the technical knowledge.

By Rickie Wang

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