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Elliott Wave diagnosis: Nasdaq and high tech shares [Video]

Stock market Elliott Wave diagnosis and trading recommendations: NASDAQ 100, Apple (AAPL), Tesla (TSLA), Amazon (AMZN), Nvidia (NVDA), Microsoft (MSFT), Meta Platforms (META), Netflix (NFLX), Alphabet (GOOGL) 
Stock Market Summary: Quiz a smaller transfer to the upside that will almost definitely be quick lived. I’m now not recommending trades this week as I inquire the amount to beginning out up diminishing this week at Yuletide.
Trading Ideas: Nil

Video chapters

00:00  NASDAQ 100 (NDX)
04:06 Apple (AAPL)
06:36 Amazon (AMZN)
10:14 Meta Platforms (META)
12:28 Netflix (NFLX) 
13:59 Alphabet (GOOGL)
15:17 Microsoft MSFT
16:38 Tesla (TSLA)

As with every funding different there is a risk of making losses on investments that Trading Lounge expresses opinions on.

Historical results are now not any guarantee of future returns. Some investments are inherently riskier than others. At worst, that probabilities are you’ll lose your entire funding. TradingLounge™ makes expend of a range of technical diagnosis tools, instrument and classic classic diagnosis as effectively as economic forecasts aimed at minimizing the skill for loss.

The advice we present by our TradingLounge™ internet sites and our TradingLounge™ Membership has been willing without eager about your targets, financial venture or desires. Reliance on such advice, data or data is at your dangle risk. The resolution to commerce and the system of trading is for you on my own to system to a resolution. This files is of a same previous nature ideal, so you too can simply aloof, earlier than appearing upon any of the data or advice supplied by us, snatch into consideration the appropriateness of the recommendation eager about your dangle targets, financial venture or desires. This capacity that reality, that probabilities are you’ll also simply aloof seek the advice of your financial consultant or accountant to resolve whether or now not trading in securities and derivatives merchandise is acceptable for you eager about your financial circumstances.

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